Dorajo Messerly is the Children’s Librarian and programming specialist for the library. She has been there for 15 years and can’t imagine herself anywhere else! She was born and raised in West Virginia and although those country roads still call to her, Soda Springs is where her home, family and heart is now! The library has and continues to play a central part in her families life. Both of her boys grew up in the library and now her daughter in law has joined the team as well. Team Messerly knows the importance of libraries.

People's generosity and kindness never cease to amaze her especially when it comes to loving the library. The public library seems to be at the very heart of the community and is a crossroads for all who travel through our little town. Dorajo loves working with the Friends group and has seen the importance of the group through their support in helping to build the newest section of the library, the fabulous Children’s Area! The room is filled with giggles and glitter all the time and that is in large part to the Friends!

Dorajo hopes that you too will come and join the Friends! You will have a blast and make a difference! What could be better than that?



Carlie got involved with The Friends organization at the end of 2019. (Dorajo can be very convincing.) She became the Secretary in 2020 and took over as President in the spring of 2022.

She grew up in the outdoors of Idaho. Rafting, downhill skiing, kneeboarding and fishing were the favorites. Carlie is an avid reader! Her family laughs now about her getting grounded from reading as a child and hiding books around the house to sneak a read. As a mother of 3 boys, she keeps a busy schedule, but her amazing husband supports her “crazy”. She believes deeply in a loving God and relies on Him to support her through the difficult times of life.

Carlie graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She assists businesses all over Idaho as an Aflac Benefits Consultant. With a love of substitute teaching, she enjoys interacting with the amazing kids and teachers in Soda Springs.

Carlie would like to thank the amazing women and men that started the organization and kept it going for so long. “Big shoes to fill” doesn’t begin to describe this! The library is a haven for so many in this town. Supporting its growth is so important to the continuation of learning, friendship and access in Soda Springs!



Jessie Ineck is the Vice President of The Friends of the Soda Springs Library.

She is also the elementary librarian for the local school district. Jessie enjoys teaching kids about all the awesome things a library can provide. She strives to instill a love of reading in our young children and provide them with a sturdy reading foundation for their future.

Jessie loves The Friends of the Library because of the community involvement and the many ways that our community benefits from The Friends.

When Jessie is not at the library she enjoys being outside in her gardens or in the mountains on her motorcycle with her family.



Paige Messerly is a professional Graphic Designer / Illustrator, who loves to use her talents to help and lift others. She is the wonderful creator and designer of the Friends website, graphics, logos, and social media marketing. She has lived in Soda Springs since September of 2021, and since then the Library has become her second home. It's not hard for her to be at the Library constantly though because her Mother-in-Law, Dorajo, is the Children's Librarian. Needless to say, she likes the Library a lot.

She has been married to her best friend, Joseph, for a year & a half. She also runs her own art business called "Paige & Page". She loves her Savior and her family most of all.

"Something I love about the Friends of the Library is the compassion and generosity everyone has for this incredible Library. They give so much of their heart and soul to the programs and fundraisers either by showing up and helping, or donating so much more than what is asked for. This community loves this Library, and it shows.

So grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the Friends of the Library!"



Erica is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and self-employed. She moved to Soda Springs in 2019 with her husband and their two children. Erica loves ALL public libraries and is excited for what’s happening in the great town of Soda Springs!